Order your custom Ombra-G
A shade sail adapted to your outdoor summer space

Add shade to your yard with a custom-made Ombra-G


Manufactured by Ingétex, the Ombra-G is a custom made shade cloth manufactured in our workshop located in Prevost and delivered directly to your home.

Design it and order directly online on our website and you can enjoy the summer sitting in the shade in the comfort of your garden.


Easy steps to design your Ombra-G

Determine the location of your Ombra-G
Use our online shade designer
Your Ombra-G will be delivered to your home

Once the order is approved, we take care of the manufacturing directly in our workshop. Afterwards, your Ombra-G is delivered to your home

Protection against UV rays from the sun
Protection from the rain

Advantages of a custom Ombra-G

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